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Start Your New Year Off Strong: Enjoy A Complementary Blog Post Written For Your Business

Christmas packages wrapped in brown paper and tied with string. The packages appear to be books and are laid on a faded wood planks. Small pine branch clippings and pinecones lay next to the packages. Red, round tree ornaments lay on 2 of the packages.
Photo credit: Mel Poole via Unsplash

Did someone say a Complementary Blog?

Yep, sure did.

A FREE blog for your business?

Uh-huh, it's true.

I'm not crying - you're crying.

Tears of joy.

You didn't get everything you wanted for your business this Christmas. And here I am to grant you the opportunity to

  • Reclaim your time.

  • Boost your sales.

  • Grow your audience.

  • Make meaningful connections.

  • Achieve limitless success.

The 12-pound fruitcake, sand burr socks, and pocket lint-covered butterscotch candies from your grandma just aren't going to cut it - no matter how hard you scrunch your eyes shut and whisper your wishes to the business gods.

Time to unwrinkle your face, open your eyes, and let out that just-released-the-waistline-after-an-enormous-dinner sigh. I've come bearing Christmas cheer and comfort comparable to a heaping bowlful of ice cream, drizzled in chocolate syrup, smothered in aerosolized whipped cream, and a cherry on top. Ooooohhh yeah..... the good stuff.

What's this magic, you ask?

Weren't you listening, my dear?

I'm talking about a FREE blog for your business.

That's right.

Picture me spinning around my living room wearing a floofy powder blue ball gown, waving a 2.719-foot-long magic wand, and shouting with animated exuberance:

You get a free blog!

And you get a free blog!

Everyone gets a free blog!

As I collapse into my chair with eight yards of blue taffeta and lace plummeting onto my lap, I realize that I may very well have lost my mind.

But, that's what the holiday spirit does, right? - Moves you in directions far more superior than the yellow brick road (and no creepy witch with gnarly fingers waiting for you at the end).

Even the Grinch's heart grew so big it burst out of the gold wire frame.

I'm not close to being a Grinch (okay.... some may argue that point), but my heart is bursting with Christmas joy and the best way to spread radiant cheer is to share it with others.

Be sure to claim your FREE blog here. Tell me on the contact form that you'd like a FREE BLOG for your business and I'll be in touch.

You may be thinking, "What's the catch?"

There's no catch.

And no commitment is required from you. Feel free to take the Complimentary Blog and run!

But there are some guidelines, such as

  • Only one free blog per business.

  • The offer must be claimed between December 25, 2023, and midnight December 31, 2023.

  • The topic of the blog can only be for the specialties I currently write about (tap to see clients).

Better hurry though.

I'm only giving away 10 blogs. Once my list is full, and the time runs out, this offer is no longer available.

There are a few other details we can discuss such as keywords, your goals for the blog, length, and backlinks - but those are normal blog considerations.

What are you waiting for? Claim your FREE blog before this offer disappears. You don't want to start crying again because you missed this opportunity, do you?

P. S. - If you have a business that isn't on my regular list of client specialties, contact me anyway. I can reach out to one of my colleagues to see if they can help out.


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