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We appreciate your patronage and recognize that you have other copywriting providers to choose from.


There's an age-old phrase that says, "The greatest compliment you can give me is a referral."  - But we don't stop there.


At Midwest Copywriting, we believe in the power of referrals. We understand that when you refer your friends and colleagues, you're putting your reputation on the line. That's why we strive to make you look good and be seen as an expert with your advice.


With pride in our work and a commitment to honoring our clients, we invite you to read what others are saying about us.


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     "I cannot sing enough praises about Midwest Copywriting! They took a small idea I had and absolutely blew it up - gave it a name, a face, and a personality. Their writing is full of energy, imagery... just complete magic. I highly, highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to paint the perfect picture and have clients and customers chasing them to the next step of their journey."  

~ Krista M.

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    "Cj is such a fantastic writer! She wrote amazing blogs that helped boost my SEO and fully encompassed my brand voice. If you're looking for someone to increase your site traffic and nurture your audience while being professional, skilled, and timely, Cj is perfect for you."


~ Lauren L.

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  "This book was incredibly helpful and well written. It really explained what to expect when your child goes into the service and brought to light how many moms feel when their child signs up and goes into the military."


~ Cheyenne

     Cj is professional, talented, and easy to work with--a master at learning her client's voice and crafting messages for the client's audience.

~ Andre H. 

Balancing Rocks

   "I loved this book! It had a lot of good, helpful information that will definitely guide new moms through what it means when their kid enlists. The author's use of their own experiences with her two sons enlisting provides that personal touch. A really good read and I can't recommend it enough."

~ M. Dennis

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