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3 Really Good Reasons for Hiring a Copywriter for Your Blogs

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Congratulations! Your website has a blog.

You already know just how important blogs are for your company's survival.

You’re a savvy business owner.

But you also find yourself trying to keep up.

You’re juggling the rest of your business while struggling to maintain value-driven content. You’re considering hiring a copywriter. But you’re just not quite sure yet.

Meanwhile, your competitors are on the move.

They, too, know how crucial it is to have a blog.

More importantly, they know the benefits of hiring a copywriter. And they’re making a beeline straight for the nectar of the customer-attracting gods. You’d like to smash their overstuffed, customer-filled pollen bags with a rolled-up copy of Entrepreneur Magazine.

You’re starting to browse Amazon for one of those giant, inflatable, frantic arm-waving balloon characters. You know the ones I’m talking about – like what you see outside of a car dealership. Anything to gather the attention of your customers and steer them away from your adversaries.

There’s got to be a better way. (Hint: There is. Keep reading)

But how do you get the attention you want and deserve?

You hire a copywriter.

Ta-da! It’s literally that simple.

Your competitors already know this.

That’s why they’re successful and you’re sitting here with skepticism written all over your face.

Hiring a copywriter has already given them the advantages you’re looking for. I’m sharing their secret with you so you can get in the game.

So go ahead and cancel the rental agreement for the ridiculous cow outfit. You don’t need to disgrace yourself in front of your establishment pretending to be a bovine beauty. And trust me - that crusty costume has probably been used by more than one college kid attempting to chugalug a vat of stale, expired, cheap beer. It’s probably seen more than enough human forms of brown bottle scours to receive a top fan fly award. Eeew.

If that's enough to stop you dead in your tracks, you can jump to the head of the line. Tap my link for hiring a copywriter to schedule some time for us to chat.

No pressure. I’m here to answer your questions.

One on one.

You and me, kid.

But I’ll warn you – hiring a copywriter for your blogs is super easy. You'll wish you had done it sooner.

And if you want, we can dive into a plan of action for your business.

I promise I won’t bring up that awkward Snapchat photo of you in your bathrobe and slippers trying to teach your dog how to hand out advertisement flyers.

Otherwise, if you’re still not sure about hiring a copywriter, tag along with me. Learn how a supportive copywriter can help you grow - without the stench of half-baked gimmicks.

1. Hiring a copywriter for search-engine-optimized content

laptop with open screen showing the Google search field
Photo credit: Caio

Search-engine-optimized. Sounds pretty swanky, eh? Thankfully, most people just say SEO. Catchphrases like SEO content always seem to phase in and out like a bad mullet that just won’t die.

Why? Whhyyyy? For the love of Pete…No. More. Mullets.

But unlike creepy mullets, SEO is attractively relevant and crucial for the success of your business. Using SEO techniques in your blogs grabs online attention without the weirdo schemes.

A couple of questions about SEO may come to your mind like:

What is SEO?

small wooden blocks with the letters of S E and O
Photo credit: Oleksandr Canary Islands

Michigan Tech University describes SEO as “the practice of creating and optimizing relevant, authoritative content in a way that helps visitors (and search engine crawlers) find answers to their key questions.” [1]

Internet search engines such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, and others are the online programs a potential customer uses when looking for products or services. As a business owner, you want these search engines to point customers in your direction.

Having SEO-powered content for your blogs illustrates you and your business as the leader in your arena. You want search engines to show your company above all others. Hiring a copywriter for your blogs helps move your business to the head of the pack.

Ideally, you want your site to show up on the first page of search results. A study from Clemson University states,

“Exclusion from the first five pages of results for a search leads to a 90% reduction in organic clicks.” [2]

Time to wash that skepticism off your face.

If your website and content are not properly optimized, you’ll be lucky if your site shows up on page 10 of an Internet search.

You’ll be like that scrawny little kid in gym class…

long dangling arms,

black-rimmed glasses,

and a runny nose.

Chosen last for the team to play dodgeball.

Hiring a copywriter is more like…

choosing the most powerful and muscular all-star athlete,

the popular kid,

and captain of the team.

You need to outrank your competitors.

You're in it to win.

How does hiring a copywriter for blogs help with SEO?

A laptop computer resting on a person's lap. The screen says Marketing Strategy.
Photo credit: Anastasia Shuraeva

Your content needs to have the characteristics of being organized, fine-tuned, strategic, and trust-worthy. [2] SEO requires using the most effective keywords and phrases to make these characteristics shine.

A copywriter has many resources available to them for researching the best keyword strategies for SEO. These strategies increase your search engine rankings, which draws customers to your site.

A copywriter is an expert in writing blogs and other forms of content.

In addition to blogs, a few areas of your business needing valuable SEO may include:

  • Building your website

  • Landing pages

  • Product descriptions

  • Newsletters

  • White pages/e-books

  • Brochures

  • Social media content

A copywriter can help with all these functions.

Think of it like this: When you need surgery, you go to a surgeon. When you have a clogged pipe, you hire a plumber. When your dog is sick, you take Fido to a veterinarian.

When you need to market your business, you hire a copywriter.

2. Hiring a copywriter frees up your time

Woman sitting in a boat with her arms spread wide, wearing grey shirt, blue shorts, sandals, and sunglasses. A camera hangs around her neck. Tropical cliffs surround her.
Photo credit: Te lensFix

Your days are long and you need a break. You may be asking yourself, “What is this free time thing you speak of?” You feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to even think.

It’s true.

Time is a non-renewable resource.

You only have so much time and then it’s gone.

You have the daily task of stuffing your entire XX-Large day into your teeny tiny XX-Small 24-hour box. And like that pair of shorts you’re trying to squeeze into after grazing all winter on comfort carbs - it gets mighty uncomfortable.

Free time is a big deal. And it should be.

It’s yours. You earned it.

Hiring a copywriter allows you the freedom to do more of what you love to do.

Hiring a copywriter is like having your own personal assistant. And not just any ol’ assistant. Freelance copywriters produce results behind the scenes. They don’t get in the way. They don’t gossip with the staff. And they don’t require the typical employee benefits.

A quality blog showcasing your confidence as an expert authority in your field of work is a must.

To accomplish this goal, your blogs should have the following aspects [3]:

  • 1500 - 2000 words in length

  • Conversational tone

  • Adequately researched

  • Credible sources

  • Regular and consistent scheduling

  • Continually fresh content

  • Action item(s)

    • Signing up for a newsletter

    • Joining a group

    • Participating in a class

    • Purchasing a product

    • Completing a survey

If you’re not producing blogs with the proper attributes, you’re not going to get the attention you need to stay in business.

Think of how much time you’re already spending trying to write your own blogs. What parts of your business are you neglecting by trying to perform the functions of a copywriter? How much stress are you placing on your health by trying to manage it all?

Functioning at less than your full potential doesn’t make sense.

Reducing your workload and your stress by hiring a copywriter saves your time and your well-being.

Hire a copywriter to take this chore off your plate. Remember why you started your business to begin with. Get back to doing what you love to do. Heck, you could free up enough time to take a well-deserved and much-needed vacation.

3. Hiring a copywriter protects your brand

Clipboard with two circles intersecting. On one side it says The Things You Care About. On the other side it says What Your Customers Care About. In the middle it says Your Brand.
Photo credit: Leeloo Thefirst

Protecting your brand is a priority for your copywriter. After all, their reputation is at stake, too. Making your company stand out and grow is pretty much the entire focus of a copywriter.

A copywriter achieves the protection of your brand by:

  • Listening to your needs

  • Writing effective, engaging, and relevant content

  • Researching pertinent information

  • Using SEO strategies

  • Using credible resources

  • Proofreading for grammar and spelling quality

  • Communicating effectively

  • Meeting deadlines

Your copywriter takes special care to protect your brand by delivering the best possible content.

Whether your profession is agriculture, medicine, sports, music, or anything else - hiring a copywriter for your blogs is essential for boosting your business.

Right now is the perfect time for hiring a copywriter

man and woman shaking hands in a business-like setting
Photo credit: fauxels

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the current buzzword for most of the world. Many of your competitors are falling into the AI trap. This is good news for you. You have the advantage of hiring a copywriter and avoiding the adverse effects [4] of AI such as:

  • Confusion of words and phrases causing unintended results

  • Poor quality, nonsensical results

  • Using irrelevant data

  • Using outdated information

  • Inability to empathize and sympathize

You’re working hard to grow your business. You can’t afford to have AI spitting out awkward, misleading, and mysterious content.

  • Your customers need to know you’re dependable and that you’re listening to their needs.

  • Your customers need to know that you’re committed to partnering with them.

  • Your customers need authenticity.

  • Your customers need to know you care.

There’s no substitute for human interaction.

Hiring a copywriter builds that much sought-after personal bond. Hiring a copywriter instills loyalty for your customers and credibility for your brand.

Your copywriter knows how to show the search engines you’re serious. In turn, search engines move your business up the ranks. The result: more customers find you.

If you’re looking for someone to specialize in helping grow your business, hiring a copywriter is a great place to start.

Take back your time.

Get in the game.


Cover Photo: Pixabay


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