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Unlock Your Business Potential: Harness 3 Powerful Traits of Impactful Newsletters

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

One of the most worthwhile ways to connect more effectively with your audience is by incorporating a newsletter. 

When potential customers sign up to receive your newsletter, they’re indicating you’ve got a little sumpin-sumpin going on that sparks their curiosity. They're actually asking you to reach out to them.

They want to get to know you.

Ooooooo, don’t look now…but you’ve got a secret admirer. 

So whaddya gonna do about it?

Well, you’re gonna get all gussied up, put on your best Sunday-go-to-meetin’ clothes, and show your customers what it’s like to be nurtured by a remarkable and respectable business owner.

Let’s start by looking at the following powerful traits an impactful newsletter brings to your business.

Oh... and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a bonus tip. 👀

1. Newsletters Should Provide Value

A lighted round lightbulb against a dark blurry background
Photo credit: Wilson Vitorino

Newsletters certainly aren’t rare or even recently discovered. According to Britannica, an ancient form of newsletter correspondence started in the early 17th century [1] and this exercise has been circulating businesses ever since. These early romancers of patrons obviously understood the benefits of value-driven communication.

Every business, organization, and personal group seems to have a newsletter. 

And why wouldn’t they? 

After all, with today’s fast-paced, ever-changing digital landscape, it’s a monumental feat for your customers to stay current with your business activities. 

But just because everyone has a newsletter doesn’t mean everyone has an effective newsletter.

This is where you begin your journey of standing out among the multitude of businesses competing for your customer’s attention. 

You can deliver value in your newsletters by offering services such as:

💡Providing free, useful advice.

💡Explaining upcoming changes.

💡Sharing an inside look at personal challenges and accomplishments.

💡Sharing fun facts, trivia, contests, and photos.

💡Offering information about free samples or services.

💡Sharing other websites and resources containing helpful information.

Having a value-based newsletter is crucial for letting your customers know you want the best for them. 

2. Newsletters Should Be Consistent

White, round alarm clock with 2 bells on top. Face of clock is black and the numbers and hands are white. Next to the clock is a calendar opened to the month of march. The calendar is white with black letters and numbers. Next to the calendar is a pink file clip and plaid pink pen. All items are laying against a pink background.
Photo credit: Towfiqu Barbhuiya

Trust is the foundation for building your loyal customer base. You can gain this trust by presenting consistency with your newsletters.

The formula is simple: Choose a regular date and time for sending your newsletters. 

According to the University of Rochester, the best day of the week to email newsletters is Tuesday, while the optimum time to email them is between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. [2]


Your customers depend on your newsletter to be on time. And if for some reason it won’t be - reinforce your customer’s trust and show them respect by being upfront about any delays. 

People understand that sometimes life gets in the way. Just don’t make it a habit of being untimely and inconsistent with your newsletters.

3. Newsletters Should Include Exclusive Offers or Details

Two gifts, wrapped in generic brown paper. One gift is long and shallow, the other is deeper and square. The deeper one sits on top of the shallow box and has a multi-colored lid with abstract patterns. The gifts are tied together with a golden burlap bow. The bow has a tag stating: Just for You. The background of the picture is the same multi-colored abstract design.
Photo credit: Pixabay

This piece circles back around to the first two points - providing trust and value - in a way that screams to your customers: “I FREAKING ADORE YOU!” 

The best way to let your loyal customers know you love them is by showing them. 

How, you ask? 

Here are a few examples to inspire your innovative ideas:

🎁Offer special VIP discounts available only through newsletters subscriptions.

🎁Provide specific product coupons in your newsletters.

🎁Share new products before launching to the general public.

🎁Host exclusive member-only events.

🎁Create unique bundle pricing deals.

The possibilities are endless - and fun! 

Rewarding your faithful customers allows them to feel your appreciation for their patronage. 

Now’s The Time to Create Your Newsletter or Give Your Current Newsletter a Fresh Approach

Computer screen showing a blue architectural background and the words Digital Marketing across the screen. The computer screen is on a desk and behind the screen is a shelf with plants. A portion of a keyboard can be seen on the desk in front of the screen.
Photo credit: Mikael Blomkvist

If you don’t have a newsletter for your business, now’s the time to create one.

If you already have a newsletter, now’s the time to give it a good look. Chances are, it could use a fresh coat of paint. 

Relevant changes to your newsletter are good. Everyone likes a new outfit or pair of shoes from time to time. 

But a shocking change could have an unintended negative impact. Just make sure you’re not going crazy or trying out a wacky style that doesn’t fit. 

Just like any recipe for success, you can - and should - add ingredients to your newsletter to bring out the best in your creation. The tips I’ve given here are just the beginning. 

Now go get yourself ready to woo and pursue your secret admirer. 💞

⭐⭐Tap here to take your newsletter to the next level. ⭐⭐

Bonus Tip:

Always include a Call to Action link in your newsletters. Give your customers an easy and encouraging method of connecting with you.



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