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Why business owners hate writing their own blogs

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

If you have a website, chances are you have a blog. And if you have a blog, there is even a bigger chance that it's gone stale. It's stagnant. It's shriveled up and turning to dust. All that's left now is just to wait for the buzzards. But why is the grim reaper the only visitor to your blog? One word: Time.

  • It takes time to find interesting topics to write about

  • It takes time to write the blog

  • It takes time to proofread and edit the blog

  • It takes time to find the right images to include[1]

Successful business owners don't like wasting time.

hourglass with blue sand and a wooden frame resting lopsided in a rocky area

Feeling stuck

Many business owners grow weary of the blog task. They recognize they didn't start their business to spend time writing. They started their business to feed their passion.

When a person feels stuck at a computer trying to jam out blogs each week, they aren't fulfilled. They feel handcuffed to a beast they can't run from. They feel like a goat with its head stuck in a fence. You get the point.

multi colored goat with head stuck in fence

They aren't meeting their original business goal of doing what they love. They fall behind. They dread the day. Running the business isn't exciting anymore. It's turning into a chore.

Unfortunately, something has got to give and that something is usually the blog.

It starts innocently enough. The first time you skip a blog post, it's not so bad. You tell yourself you'll do it later. You justify this avoidance by coming up with more urgent matters to tend to. The next time you skip becomes easier. Pretty soon, you're not even touching the computer. You've lost the connection with your customers. But, you've found freedom. Truth be told, you're silently celebrating the simple joy of not writing.

Your original hopes and dreams

It's exciting to become a business owner. You can remember the day you launched your website. How thrilling! You shared the link with friends and family. You placed ads and engaged with the public.

You began writing blog posts and were eager to share your knowledge and experiences. Your hopes and dreams of becoming a business owner had come to life!

Over time, the demands of running the business began to catch up with you. You have everyday tasks to complete. You have a company to run. Before long, you find yourself robbing Peter to pay Paul, so-to-speak, with your time. You're running yourself thin.

You have chores to do:

  • Plowing, planting, or harvesting a field

  • Pulling weeds in the garden

  • Inspecting produce

  • Irrigating your crops

  • Feeding livestock

  • Harvesting honey

  • Planting trees

  • Talking with customers

  • Giving tours

  • Training new employees

  • Repairing tractors

​The list goes on, and you're trying to get it all done before breakfast! Whew! Sound familiar?

Yet, you also know these areas of the business are significant priorities. They fuel your success. You know all too well that if customers don't get the attention they seek, they'll take their checkbooks elsewhere.

I can't do it all

Regardless of the type of farming business you manage, there comes a point where you start thinking:

"I can't do it all."


I've been there.

Anyone in the agricultural industry has been there (and if they haven't they're lying).

The business suffers. And I'm guessing your friends and family are missing out on quality time with you as well. It's this time factor that may have you feeling a bit of anxiety right now. You know you need to do something different for growing your business. But you may not be quite sure of what it is you need.

It's okay to ask for help.

scrabble tiles that read: ask for help

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website is your calling card. It's often the first impression potential customers have of your business. You could have the most well designed, beautiful website. But if you don't have regular, engaging blog posts, you're invisible. The world doesn't know you're open and ready for business. And worse yet, without SEO, the internet won't tell them you're out here.

The search engines won't rank your business. The lack of activity and engagement makes your business look like it's not viable. It's like having a storefront on main street, but the lights are always off. No one is coming or going, and there is a sign hanging on the door all day saying, "Sorry, we're closed."

Your business needs to be seen, and more importantly, your customers want to feel like you see and hear them. Your customers want value and they want to know that you're open for business.

Benefits of a copywriter

So, you may be wondering how all of this ties in with copywriting. To answer that, let's talk a little more about what copywriting is, and how it can have a positive impact on your business.

We'll break it down into two words: copy and writing. Or, you can reverse it and say, "writing copy." Think of the articles found within a magazine. The "copy" is the written text that a person reads. You know... the good stuff. And, of course, the writing is the physical aspect of putting those thoughts and ideas into print.

But copywriting is more than just writing a few paragraphs for the audience. Au contraire! There's a whole lot more to the world of copywriting. As I mentioned before, there's research, writing, editing and proofreading. Then there's the tasks of checking for plagiarism and citing your resources. Copywriting is also expected to be engaging, action-based, and rewarding for the audience [2]. A blog is not meant to be a dumping ground for informative content. Last, but not least, you need to add the right words and phrases for SEO into your blog.

Translation: blogging puts a significant dent in your time clock.

Take back your time

You deserve to have more quality time. You work hard to keep your business running smoothly. You want your business to be seen. You want your customers to know that you see them, too.

Does it make sense to:

  • Pull yourself away from the business you dreamed of?

  • Give up the business activities you enjoy?

  • Keep your business invisible?

Absolutely not!

If you had a magic wand to create more hours in your day, would you use it? Who wouldn't? I know I could sure use some extra time.

That's where I come in.

While I can't give you more than 24 hours in your day, I can make your hours more efficient. I can help you take back your time. I can do what I love, which is to write. My writing helps you do what you love. I can help you fall in love with your business again. To have a genuine sense of freedom. I can unlock the chains to your blog prison.

man in blue shirt and blue shorts jumping with arms wide in a mountain lake area

Go ahead and book a Free 15 min consultation. Schedule some time with me to discuss where you're at in your business needs. Embrace your freedom! We'll set up a plan together to get some quality time back in your life and give you something to crow about!

brown feathered rooster crowing


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